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It looks like the show is off to an impressive start, given Nancy’s coverage of the keynote and Barbara’s first take on the show floor (to those not aware, I’m blogging from the states). Given that Nancy was part of the inagural EContent 100 list and Barbara was a judge for the most recent EC100, I’ll be very interested to hear what these women have to say about the evolution of the industry. When we were judging this year, it seemed that mobile content finally moved to the fore–with many times more nominations than all the past years combined. From the London Online exhibitor list, I see lots of content companies (as always, and as always making up the majority of the EC100 too), but I wonder if mobile content is making much of a stir there? We also found a great deal of interest this year in open source and open access–hot topics at the show as well?

Back home, we continue to cover the news as it breaks across the pond, with a special section of our ECXtra newsletter focused on the news releases issued at the Online Information show.
–Michelle Manafy, Editor
EContent & Intranets

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