A time of change or business as usual?

I’ve attended more ‘Onlines’ than I care to count, but each one has seemed to be at a time of imminent upheaval for the industry. Yet for more than 25 years many of the same faces continue to show up. Each year we gain a few new players and lose a few regulars.

Undoubtedly, Online 2005 will follow a similar pattern. But who is new and who is out this time? I’ll be on the look out for new information providers and services. Where are the challenges coming from for the established institutions. What are the folks with years of experience doing to keep up and to attract the iPod generation?

One thing that’s new for me, for sure, is this experience of contributing to the Information Today blog. I usually get days to mull over my copy for the Information Today International Column, but I’m logging this entry (my first ever blog item) in the few minutes spare before the taxi comes to take me to the station.

I’m looking forward to keeping you posted and offering a wrap-up at the end of the week.

Jim Ashling
Ashling Consulting

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