Looking Forward To The Conference

If you have previously been to an Online Information conference in London, how would you describe it? Stimulating? Exciting? Educational? Overwhelming? Fun? Exhausting? Inspiring? Motivating? Thought-provoking? Energizing? Awesome? Huge? Amazing? How about all of the above? I’ve been to several of the recent conferences in this series, and words can hardly describe the atmosphere. The keynotes, the exhibit hall, the sessions, my fellow attendees—all contribute to a unique experience. Like the legendary Dick Whittington who went to London with his cat to seek his fortune (click here to learn more), information professionals are converging on London next week to see what’s new in the information industry. I’m delighted to be here and working on Information Today’s blog with my colleagues. We expect to bring you the latest on trends, news, and products in the industry.

I am looking forward to Wednesday’s presentations on blogs and wikis and especially to hearing Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. We’re experimenting with podcasting technology, so I’m going to try and get him to say a few words into my digital voice recorder so that you can hear his opinions in his own words. I’m sure that we will be hearing lots about “all things Google” as well as the latest on searching and retrieval of information. And finally, social networking seems to be all the rage this year, so it’s appropriate that we will be hearing about that concept too—I plan on covering at least one session on this topic. I’m also looking forward to a behind-the-scenes tour of the British Library on Monday—maybe I will learn more about their digitization project with Google. Watch this blog for more.

So be sure and check back right here at www.infotodayblog.com to get all the latest news. Here’s a suggestion: Why not put a link to this blog on your desktop for fast one-click access to it? I’ve found that to be extremely useful. (From the opening page, just click File/Send/Shortcut to Desktop.)

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today

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