The Man Behind the Scenes

Egads, a mouse! What’s this? A microphone?

Bill Spence is the dapper man you see slipping silently from room to room on winged feet — getting speakers’ slides loaded, and making sure the microphones, computer projectors, and Internet access are working correctly. If you hear a speaker call out "Where’s Bill?" in the middle of a session when something goes down, this is the Bill they’re looking for! He makes the speakers look good (at least when they aren’t fooling around putting large calculators in front of their faces), and keeps the conference sessions running smoothly.

Bill also collects all the presentations and gets them up on the web site after the conference. Check the Internet Librarian web site when you get home. We say two weeks, but he’s is likely to have many presentations up much sooner.

And of course Bill’s the Schmi-Fi guy! Thanks, Bill!

Nancy Garman
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