Great Giveaways!

Giveaways are a part of most conference exhibitions. I collected as many of them as I could from the IL exhibit hall, and here they are. For this purpose, I defined “giveaway” as excluding a sample of the exhibitor’s product, and I didn’t collect samples of all of the pens that were offered. So, what do we have?

Arranged on a T shirt from Inspec are (clockwise from upper left):
• Mints from EBSCO and Financial Times
• A highlighter from ProQuest
• A stuffed bear from Knovel, Inc.
• A great book of library humor, Funny You Should Ask, from Thomson Gale
• A calculator from EOS International
• From the Oxford Online Products, a handy brush for dusting your PC screen
• A power mirror that unfolds at the touch of a button from Global Securities Information (GSI).
• Two postcards, a pen, and a luggage tag bearing greetings from Monterey from Experian. And the postcards even have stamps on them, so there’s no excuse for not sending one back to your colleagues who could make it to the conference.
• A representative sample of some of the pens. Some of them light up at the touch of a button.
• Buttons in various colors and reading “I Grok” and a term from Grokkis. I wonder if anyone collected a complete set!
• A luggage tag made from my business card.
• Two pens in the shape of chain links from SirsiDynix.
• A notepad/calculator/pen/business card holder from BurrellesLuce. The holder is made to fit on the console of many cars so that it will be handy as you drive.

Don Hawkins,
Columnist, Information Today

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