Psst…Want a Search Tip?

As often as I’ve heard Mary Ellen Bates speak about searching, I can always pick up something new from catching her again. And, based on the packed room and rapt attention I saw today, lots of people heard lots of good tips from her session, Thirty Search Tips in 40 Minutes. She urged folks to try new search engines, compare them, and use more than one since there’s surprisingly little overlap. One new search engine she likes is Exalead, which she says offers the best advanced search features including proximity search, and phonetic and approximate spelling. Other suggestions: try Wikipedia (it’s corrected within 2 hours if there’s a problem); present results from video searches to show the value add of librarians; try Yahoo! Search Subscriptions; watch for new applications of Google Map images; and download widgets with Konfabulator. She will post her slides on her site within a few days, if you missed this one (

Paula J. Hane
News Bureau Chief
Information Today, Inc.

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