Expert Panel—Tips for Keeping Up

As one who attempts to keep up with a wide range of material, I was very interested in hearing what several of my colleagues had to say about keeping up with changes in our industry. The panel of experts—Genie Tyburski, Gary Price, and Steven Cohen—are all compulsive types who are always on top of the latest and greatest so they can share the news in their blogs.

Genie said the key suggestion she has is to set limits for yourself—don’t attempt to keep up with everything. She also advised folks to control their e-mail, employ RSS feeds for easier scanning, use automated monitoring tools such as WebSite Watcher or TrackEngine, turn off distractions (don’t answer that phone if you’re working on something), and avoid disaster by keeping careful backups. She depends on tools like Bloglines, Yahoo! Mail, a jump drive, and an external drive.

Gary offered a whirlwind tour of some of his favorite keeping up resources. You can follow his presentation links at He suggested that folks use services like his Resourceshelf and Genie’s Virtual Chase, which do the news scouting for you and provide news digests. Gary particularly likes for its extensive news aggregation. It even breaks out press releases in a separate category. He also recommended sites like LII, Infomine, and EEVL.

Steven also recommended and advised using multiple news search engines with it, such as Google News and Yahoo! News. But, Steve’s main message was, as seen in the photo, was “RSS has changed my life—and it could benefit yours as well.” Steve’s “day job” is with PubSub, a free alerting service that I promise to try when I get back.

Paula J. Hane
News Bureau Chief
Information Today, Inc.

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