In-Sync Keynotes and a Never-Ending Conversation

At 9:00 this morning most Internet Librarian 2005 attendees were packed shoulder-to-shoulder in the Marriott Ballroom listening to Lee Rainie from the Pew Internet and American Life Project. At the same time, Will Richardson, a well-known blog evangelist, inspired attendees at the co-located Internet@Schools West.

Rainie and Richardson were keynoting opposite each other, but they were singing the same tune. Rainie said that for today’s hyperconnected young people, “the conversation never ends.” A few minutes later, Richardson emphasized that we have to make sure our kids understand how to negotiate what is true these days, a real problem no matter whether they are using the Wikipedia or the New York Times. Further, Raine said that for people under the age of 35 who have broadband access, the Internet is replacing TV as their primary source of news.

The never-ending conversation this week at Internet Librarian, at Internet@Schools West, and for all internet librarians, is about how to be “content connectors” who are reaching out to the next-generation of information users. Keep talking!

Nancy Garman
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