Finding the Balance

Rainie’s closing remarks this morning held particular relevance for me. He talked about the need for our culture to find an appropriate balance between work and leisure. Librarians could be instrumental in helping people find the right mix between “being connected and being contemplative,” he suggested. It’s the power of “turning things off.” Having just returned from a cruise where I did just that—no phones, no e-mail, no thinking about work—I can attest to the power of having a real vacation. Rainie said our leisure is endangered by a world of total work. The break for me was indeed restorative—I came to Monterey geared up for thinking, learning, connecting, and networking. Rainie’s final suggestion—find a way to move to an “information habitat.” Great food for thought for this creative group of Internet librarians.

Paula J. Hane
News Bureau Chief
Information Today, Inc.

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