Demo Derby on Tap for Sunday Evening

Nope, we’re not talking about 60’s roadsters careening into each other around the track. Or not even Internet Librarians racing up and down Fisherman’s Wharf on scooters or Segways!

Come on over to the Monterey Public Library on Sunday evening from 5:30-6:30, and join in the fun of seeing some creative Web projects, live, and up close and personal. On tap are:

• Web-Based Skills Assessments for Library Staff by Joe Kaju & Charles Gimon, Minneapolis Public Library
• Middle School Students Using Leading Edge Technology by Chris Quintana, Assistant Professor, Learning Technologies, School of Education, University of Michigan
• Educational Software Preview Guide, by Susan Dahl, Education Specialist, Fermilab Lederman Science Center

Enjoy a reception and tour of the Monterey Public Library at the conclusion of the Demo Derby, and get a head-start on Internet Librarian 2005.

Nancy Garman
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