The Beach at Monterey

Whenever I go to Monterey, I am reminded of the poem by Robert Louis Stevenson from A Child’s Garden of Verses.

The poem is called “To My Name-Child” [full text here].

In it, Stevenson muses about the child he does not yet have eventually coming to Monterey to play on the beach. By writing and publishing a poem in advance of his son’s birth, he creates an ironic puzzle for his unborn child to unravel at a future date.

At what point does the past become the future? And how does what we do today have an impact on tomorrow?

Whether or not that’s what the poem is really about, I think it’s food for thought.

And back to topic: The things we will be discussing at Internet Librarian this week hold the seeds of many possibilities. It is only by looking back some day that someone will realize what our generation has accomplished.

So not to weigh things down with heady professional responsiblities, but–all I mean to say is–get all you can from the sessions this week. What you learn here and how you respond to it could change the way the future reads.

Dick Kaser
ITI, V.P. Content

P.S. This weekend, before the conference ramps up, plan to visit some of the local historic sites, including the house where Stevenson worked while he thought of little Louis Sanchez on the beach of Monterey.

Map of Historic Monterey

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