Behind the Scenes–Countdown to Internet Librarian

When you arrive at the Internet Librarian registration desk, your badge is pulled out of a box and you are handed a bag containing the program and other materials. It all looks so easy. Most people probably don’t realize that it takes a tremendous amount of work by a number of people to organize and produce a large conference like Internet Librarian. (I certainly didn’t!) Here’s a look at some of the behind-the-scenes activities that were going on last week at ITI’s headquarters in Medford, NJ. It all climaxed on Thursday when the truck arrived to pick up the materials for shipment to California.

Free tickets to the exhibit hall are counted out and mailed to exhibitors for distribution to attendees.

Grace DiFilippo packs the all-important box of office supplies–everything from paper clips to staplers to marking pens. What’s in that bottle in the center?

Just in case things get a little stressful!

The boxes are addressed…

And the pile grows.

The truck is loaded–in the rain!

That’s it! 63 boxes, 2,207 pounds off to California!

See you there!

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today, Inc.


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