Business Meeting, Round 2

The Wednesday morning Business meeting was primarily reports and leadership recognition. Executive Director Janice Lachance updated the conference attendance figures. The final total is 5,273. In looking back on the Association’s year, Janice said that the profession "is redesigning itself into a broader, more inclusive community." She pointed to Click University as a major initiative that will set a new standard for professional development and create a new revenue stream for SLA. Other SLA developments over the past year are increased globalization, community building, advocacy that promotes our value and values, benefits to society from our work, smart financial management, and growth. She ended her review of the year just past by saying, "Why think small?" Her mantra is, "Enthusiasm is contagious!"

About to become past president, Ethel Salonen, then reviewed her presidential year. "We made it so!" she declared.

Incoming president Pam Rollo introduced themes for her presidential year: advocacy and defining our value. She’ll be forming task forces and is asking for the active participation in the values definition and statement construction from at least 1% of Association members.

Marydee Ojala
Editor, ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals

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