Taking Care of Aching Bodies…

After several days of non-stop appointments, sessions, and trekking between the hotel and the conference center and around the exhibit hall, I hit bottom at 4:30 yesterday. I didn’t think I could walk back to my hotel or even consider all the party hopping I wanted to do last night. Then I discovered the wonderful attendee amenity offered by Reuters. The company thoughtfully sponsored a relaxation massage station just across the aisle from its booth. My aching feet were treated first to an invigorating massage. Then I sat in a forward tilted chair and got a wonderful 10-minute massage on my back and neck. I felt like a new person. Thank you, Reuters!!! After that I was reenergized enough to walk back and hit several of the receptions. (That special martini at the Wiley InterScience party hit the spot.) My suggestion—there should ALWAYS be a massage station at conferences. Vendors, you’ll get our sincere gratitude.

Paula J. Hane
News Bureau Chief
Information Today, Inc.

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