Put a Blog on Your Intranet

Sabrina Pacifici, creator and editor of the llrx.com webzine and the beSpacific blog, and Dennis Hamilton, Information Services Manager at KZF Design, Inc., discussed blogs in the corporate world, specifically on the corporate intranet. They said that there is no single right way to implement a blog on an intranet, but they offered some practical information and examples. In a very information-rich presentation they discussed such topics as why blog, software considerations, ethics, lessons learned, and issues to consider. Dennis showed some examples of pages from his blog on KZF’s intranet. If you are thinking of installing a blog on your intranet—or maybe replacing your intranet with a blog (yes, this has been done)—then you need to check out this presentation. It’s now available on the Web–click here to view it.

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today

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