Who’s Blogging SLA?

Who’s blogging SLA? Um, everybody? According to SLA staffers Doug Newcomb and John Crosby, the SLA Blog has 30 bloggers signed up. That doesn’t count the staff. Information Outlook editor John Adams has some terrific behind the scenes photos.

Christina Pikas was handing out PAM stickers in the lower conference area (why is floor 1 below the ground floor and why is the ground floor level 2?). Her article on blogging will appear in the July/August issue of ONLINE. Randy Reichart , who accepted a PAM sticker from Christina, has been following Chemical Marketing Reporter’s dropping of chemical prices from its print edition. Now, he says, CMR will charge academic institutions an additional $715 (I’m assuming that’s US$ not CAD$) to acquire the information online if they retain the print subscription. Not the ideal solution. As Randy said this morning, universities educate the students who will find employment in the enterprises to which CMR currently sells tens of thousands of dollars of product. It’s actually in the best interests of the publisher to keep the universities happy.

Marydee Ojala
Editor, ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals

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