Postcards from SLA

Before I left home, I stuffed all the postcards from vendors into my bag. I did not bring the fortune cookies mailed to me by A.M. Best. I don’t know how many SLA’ers received that small box in the mail, but both librarians on my flight had received it — and their work has nothing to do with insurance.

This morning I’m doing my usual routine, sorting them by booth number so maybe I can visit all of them. Not to mention the vendors that didn’t send postcards. And I always wonder how many will arrive while I’m at the conference, which I won’t see until after it’s over. This happens every year and every year I marvel at the money wasted to alert me to a company’s booth when it’s too late to visit said booth.

The common theme I’m noticing is drawings for iPods. And xrefer is doing their quiz again. I like this idea. They give you a free trial id and password to the product, then ask you to answer 5 questions. From this they do a drawing for, no, not an iPod, but a $250 gift certificate. So I think I’ll try it. Let’s see,how does a fibrous joint differ from one that is cartilaginous? Where is Bukit Laposo located? Sounds like fun.

Marydee Ojala
Editor, ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals

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