Tips for Keeping Up

The session on Tips for Keeping Up that I heard on Wednesday afternoon didn’t share quite enough tips to make it possible for me to get this report up until more than 24 hours after it happened. Clearly, I need more advice on keeping up than just the tips the speakers (Genie Tyburski, Steven Cohen, and Gary Price) shared with the audience. Here are some highlights from my scribbled notes.

Genie said:
– Set limits – on how much you read and monitor
– Control your email (use disposable email addresses for temporary projects and use RSS)
– Keep backups, more than one, and be prepared for disaster
– Try using TrackEngine to monitor changes to web pages
– Her favorite tools are: Bloglines, Yahoo Mail, TrackEngine, a jump drive, and an external drive

Steven gave his 10-step program for keeping up, but I couldn’t keep up fast enough to write it all down. Check the CIL web site for his presentation to get all 10 steps. He said, don’t browse, make the information come to you. Use RSS, but more important, use the methods that work for you, whether it’s RSS, IM, email, print, and then use the technology. Remember who you work for and why, and then prioritize your work and your life.

By the time Gary reached the podium, I lost all hope of keeping up! But his presentation will also be posted on the web site, with plenty of links to help you, too, keep up!

Lots of luck!

Nancy Garman
Director, Conference Development
Information Today, Inc.

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