Check Out LISNews

Blake Carver’s LISNews site has been a labor of love, and a catalyst for change within the library community since late 1999. An online community and collaborative weblog for librarians, comprised of news, blogs, and articles, LISNews made news itself when it provoked and then responded to the recent Michael Gorman LJ article, Revenge of the Blog People, about blogs and bloggers.

According to Carver, about 30-40 people have author permissions to LISNews, although only a few post on any given day. He mused about how many is the right number for a collaborative blog, discussed pros and cons, such as issues of consistency, varying styles, the lack of editors, and concluded that some of the LISNews strengths are also its weaknesses.

This session was a don’t-miss for me, since the conference blog you are reading right here is also a collaborative effort, although very different from LISNews—we are working as a project team, and are professional editors and reporters exploring a new publication medium.

The LISNews bloggers are pros. Add it to your list of sites to watch!

Nancy Garman
Director, Conference Development
Information Today, Inc.

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