Buzz Words and Hot Stuff

I’m maxed out from a day of intense listening and networking—not to mention from laughing at tonight’s dead technologies session. But, as I wrap up for the night, I have some buzz words and trends echoing through my head.

E-mail is definitely on the dead or dying list for many of us, with RSS offering a more efficient method of getting information and keeping current. As Steven Cohen put it: “Information overload is a myth—you have control.” And RSS was one of his suggestions for controlling that information flow.

Mobile device delivery of information is hot and smart phones will increasingly be the device of choice over PDAs. Other trends to watch include federated search, XML, personalization, visualization, IM, wireless, and streaming media. Buzz words include interoperability, connectedness, collaboration, and integration. There’s plenty to think about.

Paula J. Hane
News Bureau Chief
Information Today, Inc.

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