Look, ma, no wires

Two more of the CIL show bloggers, captured here in a wi-fi zone created just for those officially on blog detail.

Foreground: Nancy Garman, ITI’s Director of Conference Development, lead blogger for our CIL Show Daily blog, and genius behind the idea of tying our blog officially to the work of independent bloggers.

Background: Tara Calishain, author of one of those independent blogs. Check out Tara’s take on the conference on her ResearchBuzz Weblog by following the link at the top of this page.

Both Tara and Nancy were clearly enjoying the opportunity to blog free of wires, cords, and cables in our show-blogger hotspot.

(Me? Well my laptop is wireless, but I prefer to create in private. I’m up in my room coming at your over the hotel LAN. Who was it said that thing about old dogs and new tricks? Growl! Snarl! Bite! Heck, I sometimes even throw things in a temperamental creative moment.)

Dick Kaser
ITI, V.P., Content

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