Business Models Panel

Barbara Lange discussed the collaboration of IEEE with Google. She noted it takes technical, business and marketing staff to make for a successful collaboration. One of the challenges has been how to surface IEEE materials in a standard Google search. Adwords have been surprisingly useful. IEEE may be a better fit with Scholar — usage spiked when Scholar debuted — but users are confused by the various flavors of Google. Google makes traditional information companies rethink their strategies, their branding, and their organization of data.

Jan Williams then talked about CAS’ experiences with data rights. She gave four steps for creating/changing your information policy.

1. Decide what you don’t want to permit
2. Decide what you do want to permit
3. Talk to customers about the proposed policy to make sure it works for them
4. Draft policy and seek customer review and input

The final speaker is Cynthia Murphy from Dialog who’s talking about pricing. Pricing strategy needs to reflect the long term view of how you intend to deliver value to your customers, it’s not just about a price point. Pricing models include usage based, hybrid, and subscription. Again, what you choose should reflect your value proposition. There’s a continuum from traditional to value-based pricing. Listen to the market, respond to market shifts and competitive factors. Listen to what the market says and not what you want to hear. That latter is good advice for lots of things, not just pricing.

Marydee Ojala
Editor, ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals

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