Venue as a Statement

What is it with publishers wanting to meet in old bank vaults?

When SIIA chose the venue for its Information Industry Summit earlier this month, they chose Gotham Hall, a former bank, in New York City.

NFAIS has for years now been meeting at the Ritz in Philadelphia, a building which started out as a bank.

Both Gotham Hall and the Ritz are marble palaces. As you move through them they make the statements that the bankers who originally built them were also trying to make. This place is safe, secure, rock solid, and, well, wealthy.

The original owners also wanted to make a cultural statement. The Ritz, which is an historic landmark, was designed after the Pantheon in Rome–the place where the gods of Rome were each given a niche in which to live.

Are there parallels to be drawn here? I’m not going to get into it. But I do think the publishers (and dressed as they are) do tend to fit the landscape that this venue creates.

Dick Kaser
ITI VP, Content

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