Best Leading Lady

Others participating in the high-level role-playing exercise at lunch today were (l-r) Paul Ryan (DTIC), Matt Dunie (CSA), Linda Sacks (Thomson Scientific), Lou Parziale (H.W. Wilson Co.) and (not shown) Margie Hlava (Access Innovations) and yours truly (InfoToday).

Linda Sacks took the award for best actress for her depiction of the aggressive sales executive who tried to convince her peers in IT and Finance that the world really didn’t need or want v29.2 of the retrieval software. No, she said, customers really cared more about the user interface and that’s why the competition was beating them up in the market.

Her plea fell on deaf ears.

Well . . . such is life in the real business world.

After watching the role playing, the other executives attending this session discussed how to get our companies to see reality and react realistically.

Dick Kaser
ITI VP, Content

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