Best Actor (in a supporting role)

David Brown, General Manager of DIALOG DATASTAR (A Thomson Business), won top honors at today’s executive luncheon for his role as Rich Phees, the slimy investment banker who pulled off a merger deal for his client, despite the protests of board member Jane Prudential–played by PsycINFO’s Sr. Director Linda Beebe. (Pictured right).

The strategic planning role-playing exercise, organized by Nerac’s President Kevin Bouley and business consultant Barbara Colton, was a big hit with the NFAIS executives lucky enough to be invited.

Okay. Okay. We had to read the book, and all that. But this was a very useful, high-level, retreat-like event that is a welcome addition at a conference such as NFAIS.

Nice job all around.

Dick Kaser
ITI VP, Content

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