What to do Next?

There’s always this let down when you’ve finished your last talk of the conference and there’s only an hour to go til the entire place shuts down.

I left the Theatre presentation, went over to the AIIP stand, had a nice chat, went to the Information Today stand (which is next to AIIP), had a nice chat, discovered I couldn’t sit still, and decided I needed more input from speakers. So I headed upstairs to the sessions. The portals track ended early so I didn’t catch any of that one. Drifted into one on enterprise search in time to catch the tail end of Ben Anderson’s talk on exploring user search habits and assessing need. He’s at the Department of Work & Pensions in the UK and is using Verity, but not all the bells and whistles.

I didn’t stay for the conference wrap up, there were still a few loose ends on the exhibition floor.

Before I knew it, the hall was closing. Three days of conference ended. And I’m left with the frustrating feeling that there were exhibitors I missed, speakers I should have heard, and conversations with attendees I should have had.

Yes, information overload. Perhaps I’ll do better next year.

Marydee Ojala
Editor, ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals

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