Theatre Presentations

Let’s see, the blogger team has been all over the exhibition, visited the sessions, sat in on international forums, and contributed to roundtables. But that’s not the entire extent of Online Information. If you didn’t want to pay to go to the sessions (held at a rather far distance from the exhibition area), you had numerous opportunities to listen to highly knowledgeable and qualified speakers in the various Theatres sprinkled about the exhibition. These you don’t pay for. Amelia Kassel’s Web search techniques presentation this morning was overflowing. Arthur Weiss did a marvelous talk on competitive intelligence aspects of corporate web sites. He warned that he didn’t want web site designers listening to his talk because if they were in attendance, all that lovely data would disappear. And I spoke this afternoon on Ten Top Business Web sites. I did find it very limiting to be held to 10, so I think I actually had more than that. The Theatre sessions are enormously popular — duh, they’re free — but attendees complain that the rooms aren’t big enough. That was certainly true for Amelia, Arthur, and me.

Marydee Ojala
Editor, ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals

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