So Much to Hear, So Little Time

By this morning I succumbed to the temptation of dashing in and out of sessions to hear parts of several tracks and sessions. It’s always tough to pick just one track to attend and putting the Enterprise Search track opposite the one on Intranets, Blogs, and Portals made my choices especially difficult today. The room monitors quickly grew tired of scanning my badge every time I went in and out of the rooms since I definitely was skewing their counts!

Here’s a smattering of what I heard and saw in the Enterprise Search track, admittedly a partial review (but read on, dear reader, to find out where I was when I missed some of these sessions);
– John Lervik in the Enterprise Search keynote with a good overview on trends
– Mikael Thorson talking about his consulting firm’s model for selecting the right enterprise search engine (dry but worthwhile)
– Steve Whittaker’s review of his research at University of Sheffield on future trends in search

All three provided valuable insights, but delegates who were looking for answers to their own internal search dilemmas probably headed for lunch wanting more specifics.

Fortunately, Martin Belam and Ben Anderson in one afternoon session in this track got down to the realities of implementing search and how to make things findable for users. Ben admitted they hadn’t pushed the power of Verity’s K2 software, and said he’d picked his battles in the implementation process and that there was way more work still to be done. It was very good to hear this young IT-oriented professional put his work in the context of his library background and what librarians’ organizational skills bring to such projects.

Nancy Garman
Information Today, Inc.

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