Journey from Relevance to Mission Critical

Of the three keynotes this morning, I chose Janice Lachance’s on Beyond Competencies — the Journey from Relevance to Mission Critical. She gave an impassioned plea for information professionals to be comfortable with risk, agressively pursue new ideas, innovate, and stand out in their organizations. Don’t fly under the radar, this won’t raise your status in your place of employment. Align information department goals with your organization’s. Build partnerships. Assess, select, and apply current information tools. Challenge how things are done. She admitted that being successful as a leader requires more than a vision; it takes hard work. An excelent speech by the SLA executive director.

David Skyrme, the next speaker, reiterated much of what Janice had said, starting with the very intriguing question of do we need information managers. He cited collaboration as an important tool, but his scenarios about the future seemed less visionary than Janice’s to me.

Marydee Ojala
Editor, ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals

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