CM Vendors Tour: Immediacy

Another Content Management company that Martin White recommended I see is Immediacy, a UK firm that says it provides cost-effective CM solutions for organizations of all sizes.”

Even on the final day of the trade show and even as the show was otherwise winding down, Immedicay’s product presentation drew a reasonable crowd. As the speaker finished his remarks, I heard someone in the audience say, “Hmm., very interesting.”

Visit an example of Immediacy’s technology at the British Council’s Web site and I think you will find it interesting, too.


And thus with my visit to Immediacy, I wound up a quick tour of some, hopefully representative, CM companies among the 82 vendors who classified themselves in the CM category.

As the picture shows, Factiva (a content aggregator) positioned itself right in the middle of them, which (hmm. hmm.) I found interesting. Content, itself, after all, is also part of an organizations’ CM strategy. Other companies listing themselves in this category included OCLC, Questel Orbit, and Information Today.

Dick Kaser

ITI VP, Content

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