CM Vendors: GOSS Intelligent Content Management

On the recommendation of Conference Program Chair Martin White, I paid a visit to the stand of UK CM vendor, GOSS Interactive.

There I had a delightful visit with GOSS representatives Clare Stirling, sales and marketing manager, and Robert McCarthy, technical director.

The service, which has been active for about five years, is well-known and highly regarded in the UK, but they are still relatively small, with just over 30 employees.

If you’ve ever visited the Web site of Reed-Elsevier, you’ve seen what they can do.

Besides serving big enterprises like Reed, the service is also empowering about 20% of the public sector Web projects in the UK, according to the GOSS representatives. Just get a load of their diverse client list.

Now, according to Ms. Stirling, GOSS will receive funding from the UK Dept. of Travel and Industry to carry out an export initiative.

“We’re looking to spread our wings,” said Mr. McCarthy.

I agree with Martin. GOSS is a company to watch.

Dick Kaser

ITI VP, Content

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