Blogs Hit a Hot Button

It was a full house of 17-18 people gathered around a decidedly un-round table in the lunchtime roundtable session on Blogs in Action! A lively, unstructured exchange was moderated by Anne Clyde who had presented her survey of weblogs in libraries in a morning session. Questions flew, comments were batted back and forth around the table. How long do you spend reading – or posting on blogs? Answers to that one ranged from 5 minutes to 1-2 hours daily, with this follow-up comment, “And just how many hours do you work each day?”

Conference organizers tested the roundtables as a way for people to get together to discuss topics of comment interest, but notices of the topics and times were buried at the bottom of the daily schedule, and only 7-8 people were attended the discussions on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Nancy Garman

Information Today, Inc.

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