Blog Exclusive News: The Scientist to become Paid Subscription Publication

Co-publishers Vitek Tracz and Eugene Garfield will announce tomorrow that The Scientist, a widely read free print and electronic publication, will be switching to a paid subscription model, at least for institutional subscribers, with BioMed Central handling subscription sales, according to Natasha Robshaw, head of marketing and sales for BioMed Central.

Late today Natasha told me that those who qualify to receive The Scientist under its controlled circulation model will continue to receive the print publication free. There are currently 70,000 practicing scientists in this category.

But institutions will now have to pay. How much? Glancing over her shoulder at the hot-of-the-press price list, I observed it’s a little complex to give a simple answer.

“An ‘average’ institution,” she said, “will pay $2500 a year for one copy of the print publication and unlimited online access.”

Further details will be announced tomorrow by BioMed Central.

But, remember, you heard it here first.

BioMed Central was also at the conference promoting its new Open Repository service. Under this intiative the Open Access publisher will help libraries build institutional repositories, using DSpace as the platform.

The service was announced earlier this fall, but, as another bit of exclusive information, the first organization to sign up is INSERM in France, according to Ms. Robshaw.

Dick Kaser
ITI VP, Content

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