Wiley Interscience & the Google Connection

I had a lovely chat on Tuesday with Kimberley Allen, from John Wiley, UK, who gave me a demo of Wiley’s Interscience online service.

When I noticed the CrossRef Google icon on one of the search screens, the conversation took a turn, and we segued into the topic of Google Scholar.

Wiley, as you may know, was one of the first of a handful of publishers last summer to participate in CrossRef Google, which was also an effort to open up scholarly resources via Google’s ubiquitous search engine.

"Wiley definitely noticed more traffic coming from Google, as a result of opening up the Interscience collection to the Google crawler," she said.

Those searching on CrossRef Google can either retrieve materials under their organizations’ Interscience subscription, or they can buy individual items on a pay-per-view basis.

With regard to Google’s latest foray into deep Web resources, Google Scholar, she said, "Anything that makes our content more discoverable and accessible to the user and drives traffic to our content is good."

Dick Kaser
ITI VP Content

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