SLA Europe

This morning SLA’s European Chapter, recently re-branded as SLA Europe, held its annual breakfast. This event is one of the few where chapter members from all over Europe can mingle. My table was mostly Danes, so the conversation veered from Danish to English and back. The speakers were Janice Lachance, SLA Executive Director; Ethel Salonen, SLA President; and Ciaran Morton, Dialog. Both Janice and Ethel talked about the benefits of belonging to SLA and the future direction of the association. There’s a membership drive on, the idea of an SLA University with courses to be delivered over the Web, new chapters (Australia/New Zealand), new divisions (Government, Competitive Intelligence), and the annual conference in Toronto (the Canadian dollar relative to the British Pound and the Euro should make this really affordable for European members) were topics for discussion.

Shortly after the breakfast, a partnership agreement between SLA and Elsevier Publishing to be made final in mid-December regarding funding for SLA Online University was announced with great fanfare.

Marydee Ojala
Editor, ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals

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