It’s a Blog Blog World

Well this ITI blog has got tongues wagging back in the states. Not surprisingly, it has the whole topic of blogs buzzing through the email mill and, of course, the blogosphere. It also looks like a hot week for blogging news in general.

While the company didn’t choose to exhibit in London, I’m pretty the news that Patrick Spain’s HighBeam Research named a Chief Blogging Officer this week made it across the pond. (If not, look for it in Friday’s EContent Xtra.) Now, the job title may be tongue-in-cheek, but the business impetuous behind the decision is serious enough. EContent contributing editors Ron Miller, David Scott, and I have been speculating quite a bit on how HighBeam’s hired guns–some formidable names–to comment on its research products using blog-style tools will be received by the blogging community and info pros, who might not cotton to the opinions for fee approach in this vox populist medium. As Scott said, "Patrick is really intent on shaking things up; Good thing we put them on the EC100." Without doubt, HighBeam’s move reinforces the info world’s recognition of the power of blogging.

That said, Microsoft officially tossed its hat into the Weblog ring with its MSN Spaces blog service slated to be unveiled this week. As Miller put it, "Never let it be said that Microsoft doesn’t wait until everybody else clears a path."

I see that taxonomies and discovery are hot… any buzz on blogging over there?

Michelle Manafy
Editor, EContent & Intranets

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