Information Discovery

Tuesday afternoon’s track on Information Discovery was very good, although the switch in rooms halfway through confused a lot of people. Can You Trust What You Find? was in the Auditorium. I spoke first on quality issues as they affect researchers, students, and the general public, then Beth Jacaruso from OneSource talked about quality from the perspective of a data producer. Our talks paralleled each other to a surprising degree, considering we hadn’t coordinated them ahead of time. The third speaker, Adrian Porter, told how his company designs Web sites.

The Eureka Forum, with Phil Bradley, Mary Ellen Bates, Karen Blakeman, and Gary Price was next, but we all had to move across the hallway to Conference Room 1. Competitive Intelligence from the Business Information track moved into the Auditorium. The Forum received lots of questions about Google Scholar. They were also asked how their searching behaviors have changed in the past year. It was interesting to hear how much ground Yahoo is gaining and how Google is being seriously threatened by other search engines.

Marydee Ojala
Editor, ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals

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