Speaking of Elsevier

My first stop on the trade show floor this morning was the Elsevier stand, because I was dying to see the new Scopus service that has created so much buzz in recent weeks. (See our story by Susan Fingerman on the official launch date.)

In fact I arrived so early that Amanda Hart, who was kind enough to give me a demo, had not even taken her coat off yet. Joining us for the demo was another early riser, Dr. Ahmed Hindawi, President, Publishing Corp. (Egypt).

Ms. Hart explained to us that the service came about as a result of Elsevier gathering a lot of input from potential users and with the help of cognitive psychologists to assure an intuitive interface. It looked easy enough to me.

But I was particularly impressed with what I would call the capability for meta-analysis of the search results. Instead of just looking at abstracts and linking to articles, you can actually use the service to analyze the work of a given author or search topic.

By the positive noises he was making, I would say both Dr. Hindawi and I were equally impressed.

Dick Kaser

ITI VP, Content

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