Deutsche Stunde

It’s not all English (British-style) at the London show. Part of the fun is walking the exhibition floor aisles and hearing Spanish, Italian, German, Danish and more. Then there are several International Forums–short conference sessions arranged by and for delegates from other European countries.

I attended the German session (Deutsche Stunde) this afternoon, and my head is spinning. Three speakers covered the terrain of Digital Rights Management, complex enough in itself. The fact that I don’t understand German only made it more challenging. What I learned? The topic and concerns are world-wide, and probably some of the answers cross borders, too.

The session started with 10 people in the audience, but grew to more than double that as the lunch hour passed, and as the celebration champagne served at the CAS/STN and Thomson Scientific booths just 15 minutes prior to the official beginning of this international forum finished its flow.

Susanne Bjorner
Searcher, "Both Sides Now" columnist (starting January 2005)

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