CAS Announces Record Database Achievements

CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, announced that it has set new records for its databases this year.

The CA and CAplus databases grew to a total of more than 24 million document records as CAS scientists added a record-breaking 855,000 abstracts during 2004. And, the CAS Registry reached a total of nearly 25 million organic and inorganic substance records with the addition of 1.8 million records for the year, 9 percent more than the previous year and another record-breaking total.

In making the announcement, CAS Vice President, Editorial Operations, Dr. Matthew J. Toussant said: "Intellectual analysis and the thorough indexing of our scientists far surpass robotic means of identifying relevant research publications. This is especially critical in finding the new science disclosed in patents. Our scientists look at descriptive information and translate it into substance records that can be searched by structure in our STN and SciFinder services. None of the free Web services can provide this unique value-added link to the literature and patents."

Paula J. Hane, ITI News Bureau Chief

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