Join us in London

Last year, we tried to paint the London meeting with a broad brush and bring home to our readers a taste for the experience of being there. What will we come up with this year? Ah, but that’s just the thing about a blog. You kinda have to be there.

Joining me to blog the Online Information show will be:

— Editor of ONLINE Magazine Marydee Ojala
— Columnist and ITI Conference Planning Executive Nancy Garman
— ITI News Bureau Chief and NewsBreaks Editor Paula Hane
— Editor of EContent Magazine Michelle Manafy
— EContent Xtra News Editor Kinley Levack

I also predict this year’s blog will include some cameo appearances by other ITI editors and industry observers.

So, if you can’t be in London for Online this year, let us be your eyes and ears.
Join us right here.

Dick Kaser
London Blog Color Man & ITI’s V.P., Content
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