Wrap Up Notes from bq

An e-mail from Barbara Quint, who’s been contributing to this blog from her home base in California, asked some salient questions that I pose to the readers of this blog.

What more do we need from the "Live from Nashville" bloggers?

My comment: Please, if you exhibited at SLA, don’t respond to bq’s question with a plea for more coverage of your company. There were fewer than 5 bloggers at SLA trying to cover exhibits, sessions, and business meetings. I’m the first to admit we didn’t get to everything. This blog existed to "hit the highlights" and reflect the overall spirit of the conference, not to be a comprehensive report.

But do tell us if you think we skipped something important to you in your worklife!

How about a list of sessions that deserve an audio tape purchase?

My comment: I may have misled people here. Although the sessions were recorded on audio tape, the final product is an audio CD which will be shipped in 6 weeks. Some of the sessions listed for sale did not get taped. Irony here: the session on disappearing data thanks to the U.S. federal government was supposed to be available, but there were technical difficulties and you can’t buy that one.

How about a list of exhibit hall booth people with email addressses?

My comment: Great idea!

How about a sincere — if sometime anonymous — collective opinion on how the next SLA conference should compare with other conferences people attend?

My comment: Yeah, let us know!

And suggestions from readers about future blogs — features, focus, target conferences.

My comment: Yeah, let us know!

Marydee Ojala
Editor, ONLINE; The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals

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