News Trakkie

This year I seem to be tracking the News Division.

Their awards banquet at Belle Meade Plantation was lots of fun and I got to
help present one of the awards to Gary Price — a
knowledgeable speaker and great information professional.

Tuesday’s morning’s program, Intranets: Cool Content & Tools — and Getting
the Work Done, with John Maines from the Sun-Sentinel and David Dwiggins from the Nashville
Tennessean was great. Imagine using free software from Microsoft to
create easy to use web interfaces for census data, voter registration
information, as well as Department of Corrections and State Employee
information and more. As John said, "Building web tells that link to
databases is cheaper, easier, faster than just 2 years ago." And he
connects them to his newsroom Intranet for fantastic fast client
access. He actually built an interface on the fly in about three minutes
— click on his name above for the example. Dwiggins talked about the web
front end that use for everything — commercial databases, free
information, reference materials as well as internal archives and
databases. And I love the names of their Intranets — SunSpot & NewsSpot
(with a cute little spotted dog logo!).

The Tuesday night News Division fund-raising auction was as wonderful as it
usually is — lots of people to network with, lots of goodies for me to
take home!! And today, I’m still hoping to take in some of the News
Division programs — Graphics Research: Tips, Tricks & Troubles as well as
Proving Your Value.

Jane Dysart, Dysart & Jones Associates

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