Buying Global Content

As organizer of the Buying & Selling eContent conference, I have been especially interested in several sessions geared for global content buyers. There was a good Monday afternoon session on "Going Global," and the Global Content Buyers Roundtable met yesterday afternoon (Tuesday).

Organized a couple of years ago by Janice Keeler and convened this year by Barbara Hirsch, this is an informal group of about 25-30 global buyers, joined by a few vendors. The wide-ranging and constructive discussion covered issues including tracking usage data and customer training tips, as well as some negotiating tactics. Strategies vary by industry sector – financial buyers have more options and thus more leverage than some sci-tech buyers who must have certain sources. The organizers collected names and email addresses, and the group agreed to stay in touch over the year and continue the discussion on email.

Unfortunate conference scheduling placed an excellent panel by the Pharma Division on “Negotiating With Vendors” directly opposite this roundtable, but organizers are already looking to avoid such conflicts in Toronto.

Nancy Garman
Information Today, Inc.

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