Talking With Janice

I went to the session on branding, which was an informal discussion on how SLA could promote itself better, rather than a formal presentation on branding. Several good ideas were bandied about, such as promoting SLA through other associations and promoting the association and its members with articles in the business press.

After the meeting, I managed to get some face time with Janice LaChance, the Executive Director of SLA. How does she feel after one year in the job? "Wonderful." Her favorite thing about the job? "Interacting with the membership. I revel in the experience." Anything that was a surprise during her first year with SLA? "How readily I was accepted by the membership and the leadership. I’m not an information professional. I was worried they wouldn’t accept me. But this is a group I want to spend time with. They’re open to new ways of thinking." Any regrets? "No."

It’s clear that Janice is energized by the job and that people around her are energized by her.

Marydee Ojala
Editor, ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals

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