Live from London! … & That’s All They Wrote

As agreed in advance, it is my job today to sum up our collective experience at the International Online & Content Management Europe show . . . as well as our experience in blogging for the first time.

[Long pause goes here.]

Perhaps it’s because I’m just all blogged out, but I really have nothing else to say about the conference, which was excellent, or the trade show, which certainly rated an 8 on a scale of 10.

I spent the morning cleaning up my hotel room, which looked very much like a tornado had hit it.

There’s never enough time to do everything we would like, including put our clothes away. But as I read over our collective stream of consciousness, all I can really think to say is, we’ll have to do this again sometime. The experience of blogging the conference was not only challenging, but fun.

Thanks to everyone who wrote with words of encouragement this week. Going into this experiment I predicted our Live from London blog would end up reading like a news story or a feature article–and I think we managed to do a little of both.

As you read this experimental blog, you can see that all of us working on the project come from print publishing backgrounds. We just couldn’t help writing news stories, features, and complete editorials.

And, man, what with the photos flying and all the paper, there just wasn’t time to chase down all those hotlinks I would have liked to have embedded in the entries.

We’ll do better next time. Until then, this is Dick Kaser, your color man, signing off from London.

Dick Kaser
V.P., Content, Information Today, Inc.

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