And the Winners Are …

The Royal Lancaster Hotel, just on the edge of London’s Hyde Park, was the site of last night’s well-planned inaugural International Information Industry Awards.

Following a glitzy wine reception and sit-down dinner, the evening’s festivities were hosted by John Suchet, a well-known author and TV news anchorman here in London. Man, could that guy could work a room. With his commanding voice and charisma, he seemed more suited for Shakepearean theatre than the ITN newsroom.

Suchet introduced the nominees and winners as if he were emceeing the Academy Awards. When the winners were finally announced after the requisite tension build-up, theme songs from bad American TV shows like “Hawaii 5-0” and “Dallas” accompanied the winners’ walks to the stage. But it wasn’t as cheesy as it sounds. It was actually quite funny, and the audience was more than enthusiastic. In fact, my own (albeit unofficial) award for Loudest Table In the Room goes to London Business Support Network Knowledge Centre.

But enough of my palaver. The following are the winners and their awards:

Arup Structural Skills Network (Innovation in Knowledge Management)

Partners Foundation/Zen Internet (Innovation in Content Management)

London Business Support Network Knowledge Centre (Best Intranet or Extranet Project)

KnowledgeBoard (User Experience)

xrefer (FreePint Award for Innovation in Customer Service)

Ernst & Young Centre for Business Knowledge Deployment Team (Best Team in a Business Environment)

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory Knowledge Agents (Best Team in a Public Sector Environment)

TechDis (Best Team in an Academic Environment)

Carol Wurcbacher, Mott MacDonald Merseyside Information Service (CILIP/Online Informational Personal Development Award)

Neil Infield, manager of business information services for Hermes Pensions Management (IWR Information Professional of the Year Award)

Sheila Corrall, director of academic services for the University of Southampton (Lifetime Achievement Award)

All in all, it was a lovely evening, and the 340 guests in attendance seemed to have a wonderful time. However, given the name “International” Information Industry Awards, perhaps some future winners might come from outside the U.K.? As was pointed out prior to the ceremony, there were info pros in attendance from all over the world. It would be great if future award ceremonies might reflect this diversity.

John Eichorn
Editor in Chief, Information Today

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