Taking the BQ Challenge

As I noted several blog entries ago, Barbara Quint challenged me with the task of identifying for you the best trade-show give-away item from Online Information 2003.

As you can see I’ve captured quite a haul of mouse pads, retractable phone lines for the computer bag, 3 containers of mints, a half-dozen pens, a yo-yo, and a deck of cards. And this, my friends, is only a sampling of the spoils I could have lifted from exhibitors wanting me to brand-identify with them.

It I took all this stuff back to the States with me, the customs people would suspect I was a kleptomaniac.

My award for Best Promo Item of Show? Well, I’ve always been a sucker for packaging. So I choose Mintel’s retractable phone cord in the distinctive yellow detergent-sized box (rear right in the photo). The packaging has a nice product tie in, since it’s an ad for www.gnpd.com, a service that reports consumer product launches.

Dick Kaser
V.P. Content

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