Online Celebrities

Marydee Ojala, editor of Online Magazine, joins Thomson Dialog CEO Roy Martin (center) and a clean-shaven Dialog founder Roger Summit (sans beard, due, he confided, to an unfortunate shaver-setting incident. What can I say? I’ve done it myself!).

“Roger,” I said, “can you believe we’re standing here all these years later . . .and how much different everything is�” And he assented. Yes, he said, there are so many options for accessing information these days.

Yes, times change. But it was a fine crowd of loyal users who showed up for tonight’s Dialog party. And based on my conversations with a few, they are still die-hard Dialog fans.

At this year’s online meeting Dialog is proudly announcing it’s portal service as well as its enterprise solution.

But why get distracted talking business on a night when the wine is flowing like this?

Dick Kaser

V.P. Content, Information Today, Inc.

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