scitation, huh?

regarding that announcement from aip, you blogged earlier:

"Announcing the name change from OJPS to Scitation, AIP executive director and CEO Marc Brodsky (sporting a newly broken arm as a result of a fall last night), noted that Scitation “conveys three important messages. First, it stresses the platform’s strength in science and engineering. Second, it reinforces AIP’s leadership in citation reference linking, both forward and backward. Finally, it signals the breadth and timeliness of online products and services that we develop and host beyond journals.”"

i wonder how thomson’s institute for scientific information (ISI) will take this.
i have always heard "SCI" used as shorthand for ISI’s Science Citation
Index as in SciSearch, the database version of same. Sounds awfully
close, especially if they emphasize that "leadership in citation reference

any read from thomson/isi staff on their reactions? or am i just making
trouble? (heaven forfend.)

editor, Searcher

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